Q : What is the Cancellation Policy?

A : Once the jumper bounce house is delivered full payment is due no exceptions. OR

You must cancel at least 7 day prior to the event, Bad weather prior to setup such as heavy rain and high winds cancels the event, for safety concerns.

Parks Cancellation Policy Same as above, only exception is, if the event is canceled and ony if WE have applied and paid for the permit your only balance would be $25 for the permit.

Q: How long is the jumper bounce house rental for?

A : the jumper/bounce house rental is for the length of your event up to 6hrs residential 5 hours at a park. more time can be arranged. 

Q : Are you licensed to operate in the city parks?

A: Yes we are licensed and insured, we are a prefered park vendor you can find us listed on the parks and recreation preferred vendors list.

Q : What surfaces are jumpers allowed in?

A : We prefer grass, but concrete and indoors if the space is available.

Q :What sizes are the jumpers?

A: we carry mediums 13x13ft, large 15x15ft and combo with slide 13x22ft(some parks) all are park approved and most units fit in back yard residential areas.

Q : Does there have to be an adult supervisor ?

A : Yes, an adult has to supervise the children at all times!

Q: Do you have Liability insurance?

A: Yes we carry Liabilty insurance we comply with all industry safety standards as well as local.

Q:Do you deliver or do I pick up?

A: All our party equipment is delivered and picked at the place of your event.